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Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with the control of the compatibility of mismatched teeth, the precautions and treatment of this condition. Structural disorders in the alignment of the teeth and deformations in the jaw structure are treated. It is very important to diagnose the problem exactly in orthodontic treatment. With the help of various technological tools, intraoral and extraoral regions are observed.

What are the causes of orthodontic dental problems?

All jaw-related disorders mostly develop due to genetic factors. At this point, the treatment method may vary according to the age of the patient. If the patient is in adolescence and there is a problem with the jaw, it is treated with orthodontic methods. If the patient is an adult, skeletal disorders are treated in collaboration with orthodontics and surgery. Habits such as using a pacifier or bottle for a long time, thumb sucking or nail biting cause orthodontic disorders. Skeletal disorders can be prevented with early treatment. Skeletal stenosis in the upper jaw area is treated with orthodontic appliances.

What are orthodontic dental treatment methods?

Movable appliances: It is advantageous in terms of comfort. Since it is done in the laboratory environment, the procedure time of the patient is short. It can be removed when desired. It does not create any obstacles in social life, speaking or similar situations. However, the fact that the success of treatment depends on patient compliance is one of the disadvantages of the treatment method. It is easy to clean as it is removable. Since it is not adhered to the tooth surface, there is no harm.

Fixed brackets: Treatments with bralets attached to the teeth by bonding are called. There are many types of brackets. Fixed brackets are attached to the surface and cannot be removed. It is aimed to arrange the teeth properly and to make them compatible with the face structure of the person. In this way, you can have an aesthetic and stylish smile.

Transparent brackets: Materials produced from porcelain have the color closest to the tooth color. It is unnoticeably transparent. It is generally applied to adults. It has less visibility and the same principle as metal brackets.

Metal brackets: It is one of the oldest methods in orthodontic treatment. Wires are applied by sticking to the tooth. Insertion and removal is done under the supervision of a physician. It is easily applied for people who do not have aesthetic concerns. The treatment period is short because the desired load is given to the tooth with metal brackets.

Orthodontic treatments with clear aligners: It is known as the latest technology of orthodontic treatments. Production time can take several weeks. In the digital environment, the patient’s measurements are taken and digitally designed. Plates are produced individually. It is detachable. In this respect, it is quite easy to clean.

What is the importance of orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is not only applied for aesthetic concerns. It is also applied for the prevention of possible gum diseases, the prevention of problems in the jaw joint, the treatment of people with chewing or speech disorders. The treatment method is determined according to the orthodontic problem. For problems that are not in advanced stages, elasticized removable appliances are generally used that can be easily put on and taken off by the patient. Reinforcement treatments are performed after some orthodontic treatments. During this period, various passive appliances are used. Not neglecting reinforcing treatments is very important in terms of preventing deterioration.