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Dental filling treatments, which have become a nightmare, have now become easy with the developing technology and the use of new tools. Laser technique has replaced the pain and application difficulties caused by the filling treatments in the past. The medical name of laser filling is composite. Thanks to this technique, fillings are made more easily and simply. The durability and quality of the fillings made with laser filling treatment are also higher.

Thanks to the laser filling, the process is performed without any damage to the tooth and gum. Laser equipment is used in implant, caries removal, filling or root canal treatments. The treatment time is shorter in laser filling compared to classical filling applications. In addition, the high success rate is among the reasons why laser filling is preferred. While laser treatment, which adds a whole new dimension to dental treatments, was initially used only in teeth whitening and soft tissue operations, it is used in the treatment of many diseases with the development of hard tissue lasers. It is used in many processes from the treatment of tooth and gum diseases to dental aesthetics. In addition to these, removing the sensitivity of sensitive teeth and treating aphthae or herpes can also be done with the laser method.

How is laser filling treatment done?

The laser beam is used for fixing the filling to the tooth, just as it is used in different stages of surgical operations. In laser filling treatment, first the patient’s tooth size is taken and the filling material is made. Then, the filling material is fixed to the part where dental caries or diseases are removed by laser. People with serious systemic diseases, including pregnant women, may also prefer laser filling treatment.

Patients feel comfortable because it is easier to do than classical methods. The way the laser will be used for treatment and the duration are determined by the dentist. Laser filling provides strong teeth and has a high permanence. Laser filling is very advantageous both in terms of saving time and in terms of rapid healing.

What are the advantages of laser filling treatment?

Laser filling is a treatment method in which both the doctor and the patient are advantageous. On the one hand, the treatment takes place quickly, on the other hand, bleeding is almost non-existent. In laser filling treatment, which can be easily applied to both anterior and posterior teeth, the polishing process is also easy. In this respect, it is advantageous for people who are afraid of dental treatment or dentist. Healing of wounds is faster than other treatment methods. After laser filling treatment, the patient can quickly return to his daily life.

Thanks to this method, which is easily applied in all age groups, the risk of caries formation or infection is reduced because the area where the laser is used is sterilized. Since there is no contact with the teeth and tissues, pain or pain does not occur during or after the treatment. This is very advantageous in terms of patient comfort. The fact that it is a suitable treatment for all ages is one of the reasons that makes laser filling treatment advantageous.