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If sleep is shaded by snoring, it causes major problems over time. Sleep apnea, which is caused by snoring and obstruction of the airway of the dpku, can be eliminated with a snoring prosthesis. The snoring prosthesis is used during sleep. It attaches on the teeth, brings the lower jaw forward, opens the airway that is blocked by the sagging of the tongue and palate and prevents snoring. Since the snoring prosthesis puts the lower jaw in a forward position, it prevents snoring even in people with a small lower jaw and back. The prosthesis is used only during the treatment. It is only worn during sleep. Since the snoring prosthesis is made individually, it can be used in case of other dental prostheses and toothlessness.

What causes snoring and sleep apnea?

Since snoring obstructs the airway and causes difficulty in breathing, it may show side effects such as fatigue and waking problems. In addition to these, it can cause effects such as concentration difficulties, fatigue, sexual reluctance. In people with advanced sleep apnea, negative effects such as heart enlargement and heart attack with hypertension, death in sleep as a result of complete blockage can be seen.

What is the treatment process in snoring prosthesis?

Snoring prostheses are used during sleep. Snoring prostheses that fit on the teeth and are custom made prevent snoring as they help to open the airway. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the shorter the treatment process.

In which situations do snoring and sleep apnea occur?

Snoring may occur in adults due to overweight, frequent use of alcohol and cigarettes, intense stress, the use of tranquilizers or muscle relaxants, and genetic predisposition.