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Teeth whitening procedures, which are applied to achieve aesthetically important white teeth, have been highly preferred in recent years. Tooth whitening is the process of cleaning the colored, organic or inorganic substances formed in the enamel on the tooth surface with tooth whitening gels. This method, which removes stains on the teeth, can be applied to anyone with healthy teeth.

What are the teeth whitening methods?

Teeth whitening is divided into two as home bleaching and office bleaching. Office type whitening is the most effective method among all procedures. Since the peroxide ratios of the bleaching agents used during the bleaching process are higher, bleaching occurs faster and lasts longer. Before the teeth whitening procedure, the patient should be cleaned with calculus. The number of sessions of this method, which is usually performed in two or three sessions, may vary according to the coloration of the tooth. Before the procedure, it is covered with a protective barrier to prevent damage to the gums. Then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Whitening gel is applied in two or three periods for approximately fifteen minutes. Between these sessions, the patient is asked to stay away from coloring foods. Sensitivity may occur between the whitening sessions. Appropriate toothpastes are used to relieve this sensitivity. In the bleaching system, which is called home bleaching, measurement is taken from the patient and a transparent plaque is formed. The prepared transparent plaque and tubes containing whitening agent are given to the patient and how to use them is explained. The patient performs the procedure twice a day for two weeks or only at night for a few weeks, with the recommendations of the physician. Which whitening method will be applied to the patient should be determined by the patient and the physician.

Who can have teeth whitening?

Diş ve diş eti hastalığı olmayan herkes diş beyazlatma işlemi yaptırabilir. Fakat işlemden önce mutlaka diş hekimi muayenesinden geçilmelidir. Ağızda ilerlemiş çürükleri ya da diş eti hastalığı olanlar ise tedavilerinden sonra beyazlatma işlemi uygutabilir. Öte yandan gelişimini tamamlamamış kişilere, hamilelere ve emziren annelere diş beyazlatma işleminin yapılması önerilmemektedir.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

All whitening gels cause more or less sensitivity in the teeth. This sensitivity to cold-hot drinks and air can cause discomfort to people. This is a normal and expected side effect of administration. If the sensitivity does not go away within 24-48 hours, the use of bleach may need to be discontinued. In case of sensitivity, fluoride that your dentist will apply and toothpaste or creams that he will recommend to you will reduce this tooth sensitivity. Toothpastes containing potassium nitrate can also be used as another option to reduce sensitivity.

How long does tooth whiteness last?

Although it varies from person to person, the effect of teeth whitening generally lasts between three months and three years. It can be said that the lifespan of whiteness is shorter in people who use tea, coffee and cigarettes heavily, and it is longer in other people. Repeating the bleaching process in a six-month or annual period before the teeth are restored is a factor that prolongs the life of the whiteness. It will also provide an economic advantage.